Child Labour Day

June 12 is observed as the day against child labour in the world every year. According to UNICEF and ILO reports an estimated 168 million children aged 5–17 worldwide, were involved in child labour in 2013. According to a survey, in Pakistan approximately 19 million are working as child labourers while more than 22 million children are out of schools, most of these children are engaged in different fields, such as labour, begging etc. Child labor is common in Pakistan. Article 11(3) says no child below the age of 14 years shall be engaged in any factory or mine or any other hazardous employment. Children can be seen as working in every second hotel, industry, garage and other workplaces. And in every street, one can see children are begging. This shows the miserable picture of children. The future of these children is in peril. They are denied basic rights such as access to education, shelter, and healthcare. Moreover, they are at the high risk of trafficking and sexual exploitation. There are several factors of child labour and one of the major factors is poverty. Children who belong to poor families, they are forced to work to assist their parents. In many cases, the parents of child labourers are unable to afford educational expenses of their children. The government, civil society and international community have to perform their role in social, economic and political sectors in order to stop or reduce the menace of child labour.
The government should take strict action against child labour and besides this, the government should support child labourers financially so that their parents may send their children to the schools, not to the factories. We all have to perform our role by spreading awareness against child labour and it is very essential to promote education and make child labourers healthy and productive members of society by sending them to schools.
Dadu, Sindh

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