Child labour

Child labor is a crime which children are forced to work in their early age. It is common issue in developing countries like Pakistan due to lack of resources. The inflation in pricing is one of the big issues in this regard. In our country, education system is very expensive. Due to low income perspective, the poor parents cannot afford education fee of their children. Unfortunately, in our country 46% people are uneducated and it is a just cause of poverty. The poor parents send their children to earn money to fulfil their needs instead of sending them to school.
The strong working pressure affects children’s health. They begin to feel depression, anxiety, sleepless and other mental issues. To minimize these issues, there is need to develop free education opportunity for children. Control on growing population can also be helpful on the issue of child labour. Employment opportunities should be increased for adults. Children are the precious assents of our country. The parents should support their children and pay special attention to their studies instead of forcing them to work.

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