Child labour

Samia Fatima Khalidi

Children are the most precious gift from Allah and the most beautiful and the purest creation of God. Any nation that wants to be a developed one in the future should try its best to facilitate its children. Child labour is considered as a serious crime in all over the world. The number of child labourers in Pakistan is about 8 to 10 million. The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan estimated in 1990’s, 11 million children were working in the country, half of which under the age of ten. According to the recent survey, 3.3 million children were working, 73% boys and 27% girls. Meanwhile, the main cause children are forced to enter labour market because of poverty, illiteracy, lack of job prospects and lack of progress in the region. To change this psyche, we need to raise awareness of parents so they educate their children instead of forcing them into labour. This cruel culture must come to an end in our society especially in rural areas.
The government of Pakistan as well as NGOs should help that type of children to end this culture, make primary education compulsory for every child, these children are the future of Pakistan, We all know that actions speak louder than words. The government should supply free textbooks to government schools and upgrade them like private schools. The government needs to take steps to resolve this heart-shattering issue in order to improve the future of these children who are rightly called the future of Pakistan.

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