Child labour

Sabeen Sohail

Child labour is very common in our society. We see many kids going to their schools in the morning in uniforms. They look very innocent. On the other side there are some kids who kill their dreams and go to labour work due to the poor financial condition of their families. They overlook all their aspirations and work hard under materialistic and psychological pressures. Child labour is taking place in many areas like industries, road side shops, auto workshops, tea stalls and domestic homes. The age of child labourers is usually between 5-10 years. It’s an abuse to our children.
This social evil should be eradicated from every society. Governments should try to invest more and more money in the education sector. Most of the parents do not send their children to schools and put them on child labour just because they can’t afford the school fees. Free education should be given till primary level so that every kid can get primary education and is protected against child labour. People should not hire kids in their homes as servants because it’s the exploitation of their innocence and childhood. This social problem should be strictly prohibited. The laws of child labour should be implemented on strict basis.
Our youth is the future of our nation. If their childhood is ruined in this way then I am afraid the future of Pakistan is extremely in danger. Cottage industry can play an effective role in the extermination of child labour. Government should promote cottage industry in all cities. Children would be able to earn money and continue their education while staying safe from the hazards of society.

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