Child labour

Iqra Zahid
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Labour laws in Pakistan restrict the employment of children earlier than the age of 14 years. But, ILO and UNICEF differentiate among infant labour and infant work. According to ILO and UNICEF, all work executed by kids can’t be categorized as child labour. If work is not affecting the health and personal improvement in addition to the education of children, then this sort of work cannot be taken negatively and does now not fall within the class of child labour, according to ILO, child Labour is defined as work that has the potential to deprive children of their childhood, their dignity and is also dangerous for their physical, ethical and intellectual improvement and it interferes with their schooling.
According to Part III and Section 7 of the Employment of Children Act, a child or adolescent can’t work extra than 7 hours an afternoon. The Factories Act 1934 incorporates the subsequent provisions concerning employment of kids. Section 50 of the Act prohibits employment of children below the age of 14 years in any factory. Section 51 calls for adolescent workers (who are above 14 years of age and under the age of 18 years) are not allowed to work in a factory unlessa certificate of fitness has been issued. No child or adolescent shall work at a machine until fully conversant with precautions. Similarly, one needs to have obtained sufficient training in work at a system or is operating under adequate supervision by way of someone who has thorough expertise and experience of the running of machine (section 28 of the Factories Act).
According to Section 14 of the Employment of Children Act, whosoever employs any child or lets any child to work in occupations and strategies cited above, shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may also enlarge to 365 days or with fine which may additionally increase to Rs.20, 000 or with both. If a person, who has already been convicted under the regulation, commits the offence once more, he will be punishable with imprisonment for a time period which shall now not be much less than six months but which may also increase to 2 years.

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