Child labour

Shama Hussain

The word child labour is often defined as a work or labour, which deprives children of their childhood pleasures. Child labour is also harmful to physical and psychological development. However, the major reasons behind child labour seem to be poverty and over population. Poor families do not find any option but to send their children for labour and earn a small amount of money to support for the livelihood of the family. Secondly, over population is another reason for child labour.
The parents who have more children may not once again afford to feed them properly. Therefore, they are compelled to make their children work to earn money. But parents are not aware about the harmful effects of child labour, because when a child works, he faces serious health issues. And these children also lose their confidence to do something good for their future. These problems can have a serious impact on the society. To eliminate child labour from our society not only government should work, but being responsible citizens, it is also our duty to help others and spread awareness against this.
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