Child kidnappings

Javeria Bano

In Pakistan, kidnapping is a common crime which has always been neglected and has not been given enough importance it requires. Because of the continuous negligence, kidnappers have found it very easy to kidnap children of almost any age and in return, they ask for handsome amount of money. Last year in Pakistan, about 35,000 cases of child kidnapping had been reported and they’re said to be increasing this year as well. There is yet another thing kidnappers have been doing, called, “kill and dump”.
Many bodies were found in garbage dumps and grounds last year after many kidnappings happened. They usually kidnap children from streets, shops and parks and after taking them away, they call the parents for a large sum of money in return of their child with blackmailing them for not reporting it to the police. However it is useful to examine the recent history of forced disappearances in Pakistan and the lack of public outrage over this horrifying phenomenon. Perhaps we might at least be able to intelligently speculate about what these disappearances seek to achieve and what allows them to go on with such inexplicable ease. The security of every Pakistani should be promised. The police should be active, and the government should make strict laws against this issue.

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