Child abuse goes on

HOW despicable is it that our society has also forgotten compassion
and kindness towards children. The way a judge and his spouse subjected ten year old maid Tayyaba to brute physical torture, apparent on her face and body, should lower our heads in utter shame. In fact it is not an isolated incident in which a child maid was maltreated but perhaps the first of its kind in which the tormenter is a judge from whom one cannot expect such savagery. We believe that such a person who has no regards for human and Islamic values is a stigma on the very sacred profession of judiciary and should be removed immediately if charges levelled against him are proven true.
Chief Justice Saqib Nisar deserves appreciation for rightly taking up suo motu notice of the matter when reports emerged that tormentor forced the victim’s father to reach a settlement. Since the matter is before the apex court, we are confident that justice will be done to the minor but at the same time this horrific incident should also awaken the government to take steps for protection of minors who also often lose life due to severe torture inflicted on them. In fact some cases also emerged in the past suggesting that minors were poisoned to death by their employers. These continuous incidents indicate moral decay of our society and the State as both have allowed powerful class to brutally torture and murder children because they belong to poor and marginalised families. Though some provincial governments have taken steps towards ending child labour by offering incentives to poor families to send their children to schools yet more needs to be done in the form of strict legislation and establishment of child protection centres to protect poor young souls from cruel hands. Courts should also hear such cases on a priority basis and award exemplary punishment to the culprits in order to put a stop to such brutal incidents against the children.

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