Chicken prices on the rise in twin cities

Islamabad—The prices of chicken have yet to come down in twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi depriving the low income people from a source of protein. The price of live chicken in the retail market reached Rs 170-180 per kilo, whereas the eggs were being sold at Rs 80 per dozen. The increasing cost of poltery production is main cause in rise of chicken price, Chairman, Pakistan Poultry Association (PPA) Khalid Saleem Malik said, while talking to APP here Friday.
The chicken which was the cheapest source of protein for major portion of population of the country is now out of the reach like other sources of protein including beef and mutton. Commenting on the situation, President PPA said that production of maize and soybean crops decreased in the country therefore the farmers had to import feed from Brazil and other countries which caused the price hike in poultry feed. He said the recent price hike in poultry products was temporary and due to less supply and more demand.
Former President PPA, Hassan Sarosh said the recent hike in poultry products prices was temporary and PPA would evolve consensus to provide cheap poultry product to common masses in mid of this month. He said that current raise in poultry feed prices was cause of less production, adding the raise in prices of poultry feeds and medicines also effected the chicken rates in last couple of years. Sarosh said that Pakistan have big opportunity to import “Halal Chicken” meat to the world market and can earn huge foreign reserve.—APP

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