‘Cherry on cake’

PAKISTAN Peoples Party (PPP) has emerged clear winner as far as the end result of the Senate elections is concerned. This is because it not only succeeded in getting its nominees elected as Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Upper House but also outmanoeuvred PTI by securing the position of the Leader of the Opposition in the Senate. This latest success of PPP has aptly been described by former Leader of the Opposition Aitzaz Ahsan as ‘Cherry on the Cake’.
Designation of Ms. Sherry Rehman as Leader of the Opposition by the Chairman Senate augurs well in that for the first time the office has gone to a woman. Because of hard work, devotion, commitment and vision, Sherry Rehman commands respect not only in the PPP rank and file and the leadership but also among different segments of society. She successfully performed the challenging task of representing the country in the US capital and her Jinnah Institute is known for quality research on important foreign policy issues and topics. His nomination by PPP is a message that the Party is committed to giving women their due place in the society. PPP has the honour to have the country’s first woman Prime Minister (Benazir Bhutto) and first woman Speaker of the National Assembly (Dr. Fehmida Mirza). And these womn leaders really deserved the honour they were given by the Party and the country. All of them come up to the expectations of the job and there was no complaint that they could not discharge their responsibilities as efficiently as any man could have. We are confident that Sherry Rehman would also handle this new assignment as per expectations of her Party and people. In the past, there were genuine complaints that at times the leaders of the opposition in the Senate obstructed legitimate business of the House and hopefully Sherry would carry out the responsibility as per Constitutional demands.

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