Check surge in cancer

IT is alarming that the number of cancer patients is increasing each passing year. According to statistics about three hundred thousand individuals suffer from different types of cancer every year in the country that adds up to the existing pool of millions of cancer patients who are already under treatment.
In connection with the world cancer day on Saturday, a host of functions were organized in different cities to create awareness amongst the people about this killer disease. There is no denying the fact that there is a greater need to sensitise our people through different means including the media about the leading causes and aspects of the disease but at the same time we understand our health care facilities are also required to be brought at par with the world standards to treat such complicated diseases. Though medical centres under Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission are doing a commendable job in saving precious lives but we believe there is still room to bring further improvement both in research and treatment at these and other health care facilities. Improvements are also required in our health care facilities as well as the attitude of our doctors and paramedical staff who are also required to be trained to inculcate hope and confidence in patients especially in those suffering from cancer or other such deadly diseases instead of fear and despondency. What a doctor says or does not makes a lot of difference in the treatment of cancer patient and we will suggest our cancer related medical centres to take benefit from the experience and successes achieved by Chinese in this realm by greater interaction and visits to their facilities.

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