Check growing intolerance

PARTICIPATING in a seminar in Islamabad on Tuesday, leaders of the public opinion expressed concern that there was a sort of anarchy in the country due to growing intolerance and incidents like murder of Mishal Khan confirm this unfortunate tendency. Speakers rightly emphasised the need for finding a sustainable solution through better use of educational institutions, media and religious circles and places.
Intolerance has many facets and together these have become a major hurdle in the way of national unity and solidarity as well as progress and prosperity. Minister for Religious Affairs Sardar Muhammad Yousaf and Chairman Higher Education Commission Dr Mukhtar Ahmad rightly pointed out that the world is scaling new heights of progress and development but intolerance is marring such prospects in Pakistan. We have all the ingredients to be a decent society as our religion preaches tolerance and mutual accommodation, Constitution envisages equal rights for all citizens and protection for minorities, we have common faith, languages, culture and history and our forefathers have lived in peace and harmony. Intolerance is seen at domestic level where violence against women and housemaids is witnessed, in educational and religious institutions where instead of inculcating solidarity and unity we are spreading hatred and on roads and streets where some narrow-minded people target innocent people no one knows for what. Intolerant tendencies are also discernible on Facebook and Twitter, which are grossly being misused by some unscrupulous elements to sow seeds of hatred and divide the society. Intolerance is not only blocking the path of our progress but the tendency also brings bad name to our religion and the country. Security forces are fighting to practically erase terrorism, extremism but it is for the government as well as different segments of the society to play their role in fighting this menace on ideological front.

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