Check and balance in US polls

IN the US mid-term poll, Democrats took control of the Lower House of Congress Tuesday in a rebuke to President Donald Trump but the US President escaped a feared ‘blue wave’ as his Republicans bolstered their Senate majority after a polarizing, racially charged campaign. Though President Trump was quick to declare victory for his party but Representative Nancy Pelosi, who is likely to return as Speaker of the House, made the most appropriate comment. To her, the election result was about restoring the Constitution’s checks and balances to the Trump administration.
Analysts point out that for the first time since his election there is the potential for some kind of legislative check on Donald Trump’s presidency. They believe it was not a victory for Trump. Democrats won the popular vote by more than 8% nationally, and illustrated how he could be a liability for Republicans. For the duration of his presidency, Mr Trump has benefited from a friendly Congress – generally supportive to his words and deeds, accommodating of his policy priorities and deferential when it comes to oversight. But the fact remains it was not a kind of defeat that many in the United States wished for or President deserved because of his domestic policies and his dealing with the world. So while the country has not entirely endorsed the Trump agenda, it has not fully rejected it either and this should be a sort of consolation for the President. There is much to learn for the President from the election as, no doubt, his popularity is on slide but the way he behaves and works it is difficult to imagine that he would. Instead, there are apprehensions that he might consider his majority in the Senate as an incentive to pursue his agenda, the approval rating of which was not too good. There is also a message for Democrats. Trump’s approval rating is low, but the Democratic Party has no obvious standard-bearer and is widely viewed as rudderless since Hillary Clinton’s shock defeat in 2016. It is, however, hoped that more scrutinize and check might force the Trump Administration to bring sanity to some of its domestic and foreign policy plans.

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