Cheating on the rise

As board exams for SSC and HSSC are underway in Sindh prov
ince including Karachi, there are once again widespread reports of cheating and leakage of papers. Electronic media through eye of the camera is even showing students using smart phones for the malpractices. In fact the age-old booti has been replaced by latest gadgets with cheating being done with much more sophistication and ease.
Disturbed over the reports, Rights activist and former premier Benazir Bhutto’s daughter Assefa Bhutto Zardari, who has been taking on political leaders including those of her own party for using derogatory remarks against women, called for implementing stricter rules to prevent students from cheating in exams. We expect that Assefa will not mere restrict herself to the tweet message but use her influence on Sindh government to take practical steps to revolutionise the education system as the province over the years has really become notorious to these malpractices in exams. The situation is not only making the province a laughing stock but it also amounts to destroying the future of young generation. Apart from stern measures including proper monitoring of examination halls, education boards need to revolutionise both teaching and assessment approaches. In lieu of utilising the decades old passive modes of instruction, students should now be made to reflect upon their learning. If the content-based assessments are replaced by conceptual exams, students will not only engage with their curriculum in a deeper manner but also start constructing their own concepts rather than reproducing the material they have crammed. A modernised set of instruction needs to replace the existing degenerative model so that our schools produce creative and enlightened students for a better Pakistan.

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