Cheating & corruption: Our Pakistani way

Hashim Abro

Cheating and corruption are our ways of life. Wherever we are and whatever we do, we cheat the society and the State and indulge in corruption and corrupt practices. Cheating and corruption are considered as strengths in this society. That’s not strange to many who are born and brought up in this society. Unfortunately, ours has become a society where those who are not cheaters and corrupt often get into trouble. There are no morals, laws or traditions but cheating and corruption anyway.
Those who have power and authority, they just strive to further their own ends and do nothing to eliminate the curse of cheating and corruption. In many organizations, cheater and corrupt of the first order are placed in the driving seat. Those who are in power and authority, they never bother what type of legacy they are leaving, which is neither right for the organization nor humanity, but who cares in this country where cheaters and corrupt are eulogized.

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