Cheap car..!

Robert Clements

In our country we love to pay little and get much. The mechanic who repairs my car knows this and was at my house this morning and led me to his own garage: “I have made the cheapest car in the world!” he said proudly. “No, no,” I told him patiently, Tata’s have already done that and even Bajaj has one on the drawing board!” “Mine will be priced cheaper!” “Cheaper than a lakh?” “Yes!”
“Lead the way,” I said excitedly and even rang my friends in the press club to tell them what I was going to see. My mechanic led me into his workshop and inside opened a second shutter; lo and behold, behind a glass case stood the most impressive four- wheeler I’d seen in a long time.
“Magnificent!” I said. “Isn’t it?” said the mechanic, “how d’you like the bonnet?” “Like that of a Cadillac!” I said in a hushed voice. “Look at the doors!” “You’ve managed to install four doors within a lakh?” My mechanic beamed at me. “The interiors look like that of a Mercedes!” I gushed. “And see the tyres!” “Imported?” I asked staring at the huge wheels, impressive treading and broad base. “Yes,” said my mechanic, “and not from China, from Detroit! Come and look at the back!” “A dicky!” I shouted in amazement, “you’ve managed to squeeze in such a large boot within the price; amazing! And those taillights look divine!
363What upholstery have you used inside?” “Leather!” “Leather!” I whispered. “Will you write about it?” “Of course I will!” I croaked, “this is going to take the world by storm! Can we go inside the showcase, I’d like to have a closer look!” “No you can’t!” “Why not?” I asked a little impatiently banging on the showcase, then stopping as my hand met with thick glass, “Its…” “Magnifying glass!” said the mechanic, “ever heard the fairy tale of the emperor’s new clothes?”
“Yes!” I said slowly, “but why did you do this to me?” “When you look through the magnifying glass sir, you are like the Indian car buyer; expecting too much for too little..!”

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