Chandio tells Ch Nisar to grow up mentally

Salahuddin Haider

Karachi—Sindh Information advisor Maula Bux Chandio reacted sharply to remarks about Bilawal by the federal interior minister Chaudhri Nisar. Talking to media, he felt that interior minister of a nuclear power, should behave far more responsibly than he has been doing for last few months. Targeting Bilawal Bhutto and calling him as immature, was something that needed to be avoided.
“Yes, the PPP chairman is a youngster, and because of the vast difference in age group between him the interior minister, the former very rightly calls him “uncle”. What is wrong with that, and why does Chadhury Nisar feel it” Chandio wanted to know.
He asked as to why Ch. Nisar, instead of speaking on behalf of his party’s leader, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, picks up smaller things, which is really surprising. But observers said that PPP, including Chandio attack the interior minister as obsession. The only reason that could be drawn from it that PPP wanted to isolate him because of his inflammatory statements against the Peoples Party.
Chandio observed that Ch Nisar wanted to feel younger than his age, and that is why grumbles over being addressed as “uncle”. The only conclusion he could draw is that Ch Nisar is confused, and under pressure from PTI chairman Imran Khan. He should defend prime minister from Imran Khan’s diatribe, rather than take on Bilawal, much younger to him and obviously a relatively newcomer to politics.
He added that Ch Nisar obviously wanted the prime minister to continue to face crisis and seems to be enemy of his own leader, Nawaz Sharif. Chandio said that very soon Bilawal Bhutto will visit Punjab. That is worrying Ch Nisar because he knows the outcome of Bilawal’s tour to the Punjab province.
Addressing him directly, Chandio said that “ Chaudhury Nisar should know that the party has begun. It is going to take shape in time to add Ch Nisar’s anxiety about PPP, which is bound to gain its prestige in the country’s biggest province, and the main battleground in elections.

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