Chaman attack

Afia Ambreen

Once again Afghan forces attack inside Pakistan resulting in the death of several civilians and a couple of security personnel near Chaman along the Pak-Afghan border. Pakistan had closed the border on Friday after attacks by Afghan forces on census staff and security personnel escorting them left 12 people dead and 40 others injured.
It is important to mention that India is behind acts of terrorism in Pakistan by playing proxy on Afghan soil. In the aftermath of the attack, with the Afghan side conceding that it had made a mistake, Kabul must act to repair an increasingly fractious bilateral relationship. With President Ashraf Ghani refusing to visit the country and all manner of Afghan officials routinely attacking Pakistan, it is inevitable that the climate of hostility will permeate the lower tiers of a security force that is young and prone to indiscipline.
As Afghanistan has become a chess board of the great game and literally sandwiched between different strategic perspectives, India has also been exploiting the situation to further her strategic ambitions through foul scheming.
Undeniably, India through her pet proxies is also engaged in expanding the mistrust and unpleasant situation between both neighbours to use it for her own advantage. Pakistan remains committed to peace process in Afghanistan. Af-Pak peace is essential for regional stability.

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