Challenges before new govt

Abdul Rahman Malik

WITH PTI emerging as single majority party having more than 115 NA seats and more than 124 PA seats in Punjab, 65 PA seats in KP and second major party in Sindh with 22 PA Seats, PTI Chairman is well-prepared to be the Prime Minister of Pakistan. The Idea of “Naya Pakistan” worked and people left their comfort zone and voted for change. After, overall seat analysis, PTI is well in position to form Government in Centre, Punjab and KP. While PML-N has grabbed 62 NA seats, 130 PA seats of Punjab and PPP as third with 39 NA seats and 68 PA seats of Sindh and will like form government in Sindh. Furthermore, PTI will sit on Opposition benches in Sindh possibly giving tough time to PPPP to improve their performance Since MQM was bit humble or friendly with PPP as the City Mayor Belonged to their Party in the previous tenure.
In policy speech, PTI Chief (future PM) said that he was the only leader ever to be targeted personally but he buried all rifts, the differences and has completely wiped out his past differences with people. He further clarified that he will not pursue the policy of victimization either. He projected his clear vision that he will establish close brotherly relations with All the major Islamic countries especially Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey and will play his role to diffuse tensions between Saudi Arab and Iran stressing the rule of law to be the top priority before his Government. He said that PTI government will focus on education, health, police reforms, job creation, fiscal policy, foreign policy and best governance model that suits the democratic trends. He specially hinted to involve 200 Pakistanis working abroad to reform institutions to be made functional on modern Lines.
The first challenge to PTI is the implementation of uniform education policy in all the four provinces. It is suggested that education to be made federal subject to have uniformity in curriculum and its foundation on international standards. Secondly, the promotion of scientific research and technology in all the four provinces including GB. The Establishment of new universities throughout Pakistan in the lines of NAMAL College Mianwali and offering Scholarships to both faculty members and students for MPhil, PhD for research in their respective fields. The establishment of new hospitals in each Taluka head quarter and district head quarters and their up gradation equipping them with modern facilities. Establishment of cancer hospital in every province to facilitate the cancer patients and ensure their treatment free of cost. Introducing health insurance for the patients with fatal diseases. The health insurance will cover their treatment costs. The energy crisis has been very critical in Pakistan due to demand and supply gap. PTI has to spearhead the construction of new dams such as Bhasha-Diamer and Mohammad dams since these have been cleared by Chief Justice of Pakistan. Justice Saqib Nisar even established the dams construction fund. PTI can further the fundraising so that construction work must be started on time to end the long standing load-shedding problem since PML-N had failed to resolve it despite high claims and promises to resolve it by 2018 but its continues unabated. PTI has to solve the core issue on war footing basis so that prosperity could be brought in Pakistan and the Textile & Garments Industry of Karachi and Faisalabad could be revitalised.
The third challenge is the depreciation of rupee against dollar. The economist team should be engaged with the composition of senior and young economists and to do the spade work for viable and sustainable economic policy. In this connection, the services of policy think-tanks specially Sustainable Development Policy Institute Islamabad would be the key to give the best policy advise and professional like Asad Umar would be instrumental in this regard as Finance Minister. The fourth biggest challenge is the devising of internal policy and foreign policy for Pakistan. Though, Imran’s speech gave reflection of his foreign policy and his terms of engagement with US on equality basis and close relation with Saudi Arab, Iran and China. He offered India for dialogue to resolve Kashmir issue. Even, PTI resolved to continue CPEC projects.
The fifth challenge is to gain access to international markets to improve and increase exports of Pakistan such as grains, fruits, textiles and garments. Establishing industrial zones and economic zones and functioning of Gawadar Port. The improvement of communication, highways, railways and airways especially restructuring of PIA and Pakistan Steel. The sixth largest challenge is the governance system since it is very necessary that govt should be corruption free especially the effective LG system. The standard models should be adopted suiting public needs. About LoC, He already hinted in his speech and offered India for dialogue and expressed his interest to expand trade ties with India. He silenced the India media portraying as villan owing to their bonhomie with PML-N. If all these issues are resolved, the people of Pakistan will have the positive image about PTI and its visionary leadership. People have trusted PTI leadership and hopefully, PTI won’t breach the trust. People voted for the change and they just want to reap the fruits of change and see Pakistan as the country where the unemployment, security issues, education issues, health issues, bad governance should be wiped as per their slogan of Naya Pakistan.
— The writer is freelance columnist, based in Sindh.

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