Ch Rahmat Ali was a devoted, brave leader of freedom movement

Renowned veteran educationist journalist & President of Islamic Law Journal Publishers has said… Ch. Rahmat Ali …… Naqash-e-Pakistan was a devoted and brave leader of the freedom movement. He further said this while addressing seminar held under the auspices of Pakistan Institute of Library Education (PILE) and Naqash-e-Pakistan Society as well as Quaid-e-Azam Academy (Children Group) at Pile House, Ichra, Lahore, under the Chairmanship of Gulzar Muhammad Chaudhry in connection with 120th anniversary of Ch.Rahmat Ali… Zafar Ali Raja, Chief Editor of Islamic Law Journal, Added in his speech that Ch.Rahmat Ali works have attracted very little attention of scholars both in Pak, and outside. As his field of activity lay away from Pakistan. Although his passionate Life interest was Pakistan; it is partially understandable why his real work is not appreciated and contribution property acknowledge by Pakistanis.
Only some just Note that this ‘name deserve to be remembered with gratitude by all well-wisher of Pakistan.’ However, his passionate pursuit of political, mission from a centre in England, based at Cambridge, drew sufficient attention in its early stage in Europe. In the Encylopedia of Islam, he finds due place under the heading Pakistan and his binational theory has been briefly noted. Just has been done to him by the Turkish Journalist ——— Halid Edib.
He also stressed on the need to commemorate his valued pamphlet —— now or never while is a milestone of our national history. The Chief Guest said …. If we did not pay due respect to people who worked for the cause of great Pakistan, the history would not forgive us and might faced grave Danger in future. Paying rich tribute to Naqash-e-Pakistan, Ch.Rahmat Ali was a pious & true Muslim patriot who played a pivotal role in the creation of Pakistan. Dara Qureshi, Secretary General of PILE said… in his speech that our political leaders always declare that they have determined to transfer Pakistan a true Islamic welfare state during the every election, but up till now, nothing have been proved. Do you remember that Islam guarantees basic necessities of life to all citizens? Paying tributes paid to Ch. Rahmat Ali…. Added that the country is in dire need of a committed and sincere leadership like Ch. Rahmat Ali today than at any time before. Among others, the meeting was addressed by Ch. Wazir Din, B.A Chaudhry, Ishtaq Hashmi, Nazir Tabassam and Ch.Bashir A.Shahzad.

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