Ch. Nisar speaks again

FORMER Interior Minister and PML (N) leader Ch. Nisar Ali Khan has again made headlines by speaking against his own party and the leadership.In an interview, he claimed that he had differences with party leadership and that he advises the party not to pursue path of confrontation with State institutions like army and the judiciary. He has also blamed some of his colleagues and this would create more wedge between him and the party leaders.
There were reports that party leadership including Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi tried their best to address grievances of Ch. Nisar and include him in the federal cabinet but the latter declined due to some personal problems. This means that Nisar is out of the cabinet on his own yet one fails to understand why has he decided to target his own party and leadership. Ch. Nisar is a member of the party that is supposed to be democratic in nature and therefore, there is no harm if one has difference of opinion on one or more issues. It is, however, known to all that personal views of one individual notwithstanding the parties are run on the basis of majority view or consensus and once a party line is adopted, everyone has either to accept the line or at least observe silence. The former Interior Minister has, time and again, made it clear that he has long association with PML (N) and Mian Nawaz Sharif and that he cannot think of leaving them and that too at this critical juncture. But the policy of pricking the party every now and then conveys a negative impression and suits the objectives and designs of its critics. Ch. Nisar has a towering status and his popularity is not dependent upon sensational statements or agonising remarks and that too against his own party. His counselling to the party not to spoil working relationship with the Army and the Judiciary is no doubt highly sensible and is the only course viable in the given circumstances but he should do so quietly and not through media.

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