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CG of UAE distributes Ramazan food package to poor families

Staff Reporter

Year of Tolerance and on the occasion of the holy month of Ramazan, Dr. Salim AlKhaddeim AlDhanhani, Consul General of UAE in Karachi, and members of the Consulate General in coordination with Dar Al-Sikun Centre for Special children and orphans in Karachi, held an initiative to meet the residents of the Centre, UAE through the UAE Red Crescent (Ramazan projects) distributed the baskets of Ramazan food (40 kilos) per family to prepare meal for the fasting in the center, Eid clothings and Zakat Al Fitr for the eligible.
This initiative is an affirmation of the social solidarity of orphaned children with special needs and their families in the center and their support for improving their lives and alleviating their suffering. The initiative was highly appreciated by the officials and administrators of the center. The officials expressed their deep gratitude and appreciation to UAE for high consideration of the handicap and poor families while at the same time praising this charitable and humanitarian initiative to promote the spirit of solidarity among the members of society and those with special needs.