Certification of loyalty

This is apropos reports about allegations of disloyalty levelled against former PM Nawaz Sharif, following his needless statement, about alleged involvement of non-state actors in Bombay terrorist attack which occurred over nine years back in November 2008.
Pakistan faces serious economic and security threats, requiring concerted efforts by all, not this internal bickering and turf wars. Charges of disloyalty can only be made by elected parliament, subject to judicial confirmation and not anybody else. We need to remember that former DG FIA, Tariq Khosa has clearly elaborated on this issue, which gives some credence to charges levelled by former PM.
The bitter reality is that ever since Zia got this country involved in proxy war in Afghanistan, state sovereignty has been compromised by giving sanctuary to terrorists of various shades. The Constitution of Pakistan has made it mandatory for all citizens and public office holders to uphold the Constitution. Both elected and paid civil-cum-uniformed public office holders have also sworn Official Secrets Act. Unfortunately the Constitution has been subverted so often with no punishment for offenders that it has encouraged others to follow suit. We have witnessed Musharraf admitting that his junta handed over 4000 citizens of Pakistan for bounty, a charge confirmed recently by retired Justice Javed.
Numerous elected and paid public office holders are involved in financial terrorism, transferring billions to foreign bank accounts, inflicting as much damage to this country as has been done by terrorists. Today neither state nor private land is safe from Land Mafia, who are more powerful than State. When public office holders are allowed to hold foreign nationalities or commercial conflicts of interest, then state sovereignty becomes a casualty.

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