Centre of artificial intelligence

IT is pleasant to see that the PML (N) during its present tenure did not limit its scope only to key infrastructure development but also focused on the projects aimed at catching up with the world in the field of science and technology. As a result of these steps which also saw introduction of 4-G technology, the country’s information technology related exports have witnessed an exponential increase.
In yet another important and first of its kind initiative, Minister for Planning and Development Ahsan Iqbal on Friday inaugurated the National Centre of Artificial Intelligence at National University of Science and Technology, which indeed will go a long way in creating research based environment, producing professional and high quality engineers in the field of Information & Communication Technologies (ICT), and creating ways to step in the field of innovative and cost effective product design. Artificial Intelligence (AI) indeed is transforming the technology world; in ways, we had not expected a few years back. Nowadays AI is helping in making effective decisions in medicine, healthcare, science, sports and many other fields. It is heartening to see that Pakistan has also taken some small but important steps in AI. The Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication is developing a group of intelligent cooperative fire-fighting and disaster mitigation mobile robots which can perform critical operations in adverse circumstances and hazardous environments. Also just last year we saw an Information Technology Company launching ‘Dante’ content writer programme which has enabled computers to write poetry, novel and news reports by collecting data from local and international news outlets. Similarly, work has been undertaken to introduce smart irrigation and agricultural systems for water resource management and preserving food quality, smart health care system for monitoring oxygen concentration and heart rate of patients. These indeed are positive developments and by staying focused on research in different sectors and intelligent decisions, we can definitely achieve the long cherished dream of achieving self-reliance by bringing value addition in different sectors that indeed will not only bring industrial revolution but also create thousands of new jobs for our youth. For this the higher educational institutions will have to keep their focus on the promotion of quality research and that too in different sectors. The industrial and corporate sector also needs to join in the efforts to make Pakistan artificially intelligent.

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