Census-2016: PPP hosts APC; MQM fears suspension until doomsday


Irfan Aligi

Karachi—Pakistan People’s Party has severely criticised the initiation of the Census-2016 under the aegis of one single person and has announced to convene an all party conference on Feb 21 at Sindh Chief Minister House. The PPP delegations have almost completed their home work and have delivered invitations to all political and religious parties in Sindh.
The PPP is demanding the federal government to stop the expensive process of the Census and utelise the database of the national database and registration authority (NADRA) instead to count the number of citizens.
Sindh Assembly (SA) speaker Agha Siraj Khan Durrani on Friday while giving his remarks on appoint of objection during SA session said the Census Commission of Pakistan would be summoned to SA to brief the House on the Census about the measures for the Census taken as yet.
It would be pertinent to mention that Sindh senior minister for education Nisar Ahmed Khohru had raised objection on the Census being started in the country. In his debate in the SA, Khohru said the Census has been pending since past 18 years and the home count, an integrated part of the Census was conducted by the previous PPP government has been declared as void.
He said the confusion has prevailed in all four corners because the federal government has not yet disclosed as how the Census would be conducted and completed.
Speaking on the occasion, leader of opposition in SA Khawaja Izhar Ul Hassan said the Census that the PPP’s previous government had conducted in 2011 had also declared it as void and it looks as if the Census might not be conducted until the Day of the Judgment.
Izhar suggested that the Census Commission of Pakistan officials should be summoned in the SA for an in-camera briefing on the Census.