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CDA’s record auction

PRIME Minister Imran Khan on Friday said Capital Development Authority’s biggest plots auction has resulted in the highest ever return of 11.28 billion rupees. The prime minister said in a Twitter post that it highlights a vote of confidence in future of Pakistan’s economy.
CDA has played a dominant role in the overall development and beautification of the federal capital but of late it got stuck up in a quagmire of problems including financial constraints, corruption, lethargy and lack of proper planning and policy execution. There are two types of problems being faced by the capital city – those that require huge investment and others that can be addressed with little more attention and interest on the part of departments and officers concerned. A few months back, the Prime Minister directed the authorities concerned to overcome basic civic problems of the capital city that included water shortage, non-functional streetlights, land grabbing and dilapidated public parks. These are the day-to-day issues that should not require intervention by the head of the government and can be tackled effectively at the level of the authority. However, there are problems and projects that require substantial funding and these included plans for supply of more water, expansion of Islamabad Highway from Airport Chowk to Rawat, fallen bridges on Lehtrar Road, construction of overhead bridge or flyover in Bhara Kahu, and sewage treatment plant. CDA has generated significant income through auction of plots and there is room for further improvement in the financial health of the authority by ensuring complete transparency in auction. With the availability of necessary resources, it is hoped CDA would now pay priority attention to major problems besides improving quality of service that.