CDA: Verification of degrees

AT long last, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has issued show cause notices to its 55 officials/officers, who failed to submit verified educational certificates and degrees despite repeated reminders and extension in the deadline for the purpose. According to reports, they did not comply with the requirement despite warnings of stoppage of their salaries.
Only time will tell what finally transpires in the case but CDA is not alone where employees with unverified testimonials continue to serve as such staff and officers exist almost in all ministries, divisions, departments and autonomous and semi-autonomous organisations. Few years back a campaign was launched against fake degree holders starting from Members of Parliament but with the passage of time it died down. As per media reports, there are thousands of fake degree holders in different departments and organisations yet unfortunately concerned departments have closed their eyes as some of them are well connected. We believe that there should be zero tolerance for those who secured jobs on the basis of fake degrees as they not only cheated but also usurped rights of deserving candidates. In the first place, degrees should have been properly checked and got verified before their joining the service but if not these should have been verified at the earliest but many employees have retired and yet their testimonials still remain unverified. There are reasons to believe that it is happening with the connivance and collusion of staff and officers of these departments and as such they should be taken to task. A final deadline should be given for verification of all testimonials and those who do not comply with should be proceeded against under the disciplinary rules. Services of fake degree holders should be terminated, monetary benefits availed by them recovered and they should be tried under the relevant law.

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