CCP decision

Mujeebur Rahman

The Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) has set an example in the country by imposing fine of Rs. 20 million on a company in a case of copying the brand of another company. This decision will be rewarding in international trade. International market and investors very keenly observe such fundamental issues that provide support and sustainable growth of their businesses and promote copyright culture in the country.
Recently, according to a news items, in a case CCP fined a company Rs 20 million for copying the product packaging and labelling of another company in violation of the Competition Act, 2010. This fine was imposed on a complaint filed by grieved company. The issue before the bench was whether packaging and labelling of its frozen and/or processed meat products was deceptively similar to the complainant company. The CCP found that the company had violated Section 10(2d) of the act by resorting to “parasitic copying” or “copycat packaging” of company’s products, with the result that ordinary consumers could be deceived into purchasing products by confusing them similar to complainant.
CCP played it role diligently and imposed fine on the company that found involved in copying the packaging. By doing so CCP protected the complainant and its brand identity and goodwill that it had built over the years. Well-done CCP.
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