Causes of noise pollution

Soumya Hussain

Every living soul wants to set out in a calm and serene place after a long working day. Having a home in noisy and crowded place can create illnesses and sickness which ultimately causes hypertension. Noise is an undesirable sound that causes pollution by producing irritation and frustration in the atmosphere. Noise pollution is not acknowledged as pollution by numerous people in our society as in light of the fact it has no physical existence. It is intangible pollution so people do not bother about it or to consider any initiative to reduce that.
In old days, our ancestors used to visit lush green gardens in early morning, enjoying the voice of chirping birds and nature pleasant sounds. They used to enjoy the jingles in the gardens, farms and many such places. But now, ordinarily talking, industrialization, urbanization and contemporary civilization are the nexus well-springs of noise pollution in Pakistan. The advancing source of noise pollution is the increased transportation and vehicles, specifically in the enormous urban communities. Engines, transports, autos, motorbikes, trucks and rickshaws with their fumes and horns have created heightened intensity of noise in the atmosphere. A tiny thing that creates a sound of 120db noise is unbearable to the human ears. This high intense level of noise not just hurt the individuals on the streets and yet shakes the comfort of all the people in the society.
The existence of bus stands, airports, auto stands and many other noise making stands in the residential areas, creates lot noise and fuss in the environment. A person with headache and tiredness cannot rest in his own home. Another source of noise pollution is human behaviour. It might be surprising to you but this is one of the major sources. Living style and busy schedules of individuals have made them impatience and restless. In traffic and while driving on the road, they drive without any tolerance and patience which pumps them to keep their hands more on horn rather than steering. This annoys others on the road and a chain continues to noise pollution.
As mentioned above industrialization has created not only noise pollution but many other types of hazards too. Large and heavy machinery installed there creates lot of noise which irritates and makes the place a hell to live for the people in the surroundings. Population is increasing and cities are expanding towards the industrial areas which used to be far located from the cities. Noise pollution causes several health hazards. Doctors have concluded that noise pollution is the biggest cause of several diseases.
This can harm the human ear drums leading to listening problems. It causes hypertension, high blood pressure, headache and stress. Government and citizens together, must take initiative to control this problem. Redundant use of loud horns must be banned. An effort should be made to boost up roadside plantation on immediate basis as trees are very helpful in reducing the pollution because they are good absorber of noise. So in such situations we need to take steps on individual basis and try to eliminate it from our society.

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