Catch time, involve Kashmiris in indigenous peace resurrection

Syed Hameed Shaheen Alvi


Looking back at the bloodied history of Jammu and Kashmir speakers in a colloquim here Friday called for involving the people of Jammu and Kashmir in an indigenous peace resurrection that will finally help build up a new phase of friendship among Pakisan, China and India, the three geographic contiguous countries. Colloquim was presided over by the Secretary-General Kashmir Peace Institution Syed Hameed Shaheen Alvi who told the particpants that Kashmir throws a big challenge to the wisdom of the South Asian countries leaderships. All the outside world is looking on them how best or worst they deal with their own regional issues. Political issues are never made points of personal prestige or regional tagging, he pointed out.
Youth leaders speaking on the occasion regretted that the gruesome politico-cultural distortion in South Asia is being founded on regional enmity on Kashmir count which spells danger for the region.
It was the same South Asia in which emerged two independent, sovereign countries – Pakistan and India via negotiations. Why not the remaining unsolved issues are dealt with with the same spirit of ‘sit-together-talk-together-edmerge-vicors-together’ , they questioned.
Replying a query the Secretary-General said that time is the best healer; Kashmir has got to be resolved; the Indian logic does not serve the UN Security Council mandate that it [Kashmir] does not exist. This thinking is just reflection of a hazy dream. Sooner a day would come when Kashmiris, the worst sufferers, would sit together whether someone may like that or object to it. They can sit in any other neutral country, if not allowed within their own state. But it would be better if they are allowed to have their consltative cabals within the State to evolve some mutually agreed solution-helping framework accommodating the regional perceptions.
Kashmir is a reality; it is not dream; neither is it a dreamland; it has its own unique vitality; Dogras ruled for one hundred years autocratically but did not dislodge the majority from the majoritarian voice; under Simon Commission they had had to yield to the political rights of Kashmiris to a semblance of socio-political accommodation.
Kashmir Peace Institution is sriving for what we call peace war to search out pacific solution to Kashmir dispute and to remove snags in the way with war-like alacrity.
There is no retracking from it. I think Srinagar administration should also agree to have an office or sub-office of Kashmir Peace Institution if both parts have had to move forward along sound thinking paths.

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