Cataract major cause of blindness

Blindness or loss of sight is registered to be prevalent among one percent of the country’s total population with cataract being the major contributory factor, said the experts during an ongoing moot organized by Ophthalmology Society of Pakistan (OSP).
Ophthalmologists addressing the moot with the theme “Recent Advances in Ophthalmology,” said 60% of all cases of blindness reported in local population is caused due to either delayed or inadequate intervention in treating cataract.
The session comprising a workshop focussed on Femtosecond Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery (FLACS), an important component of the OSP’s 39th Karophth and First Pak Cornea Conference workshop was attended by a sizable number of young ophthalmologists from across the country.
It was emphasized that blindness due to cataract can be fully averted provided proper interventions are ensured without any unnecessary delay.
FLACS was identified to be the most effective mode of treatment for cataracts with the capacity to reverse the condition in no less than 20 percent cases.
The intervention, comprising laser surgery was said to be very successful as compared to other previously used traditional operations and its use is being increased.
This is yielding better outcome and provide patient with almost natural vision, said the experts.
Speakers mentioned that FLACS was now being done successfully in Pakistan with much better results and that there was an urgent need to create awareness among eye specialists about this surgery so they may select deserving patient and counsel them properly.
Experts to address the session included Prof. Major General Mazhar Ishaq, Dr. Sharif Hashmani, Dr. Aamir Israr, Dr. Qasim Lateef, President Elect OSP Dr. Qazi Wasiq, Dr. Misbah Aziz and others.
Dr. Sharif Hashmani was coordinator of workshop while Dr. Misbah Aziz moderated the session—APP

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