Cases of Swara, domestic violence rising in KP

Peshawar—The cases of Swara, domestic violence, divorce and sexual harassment are on the rise in Khyber Pakthunkhwa as 105 such cases were reported at Women Crisis Centre Peshawar and 80 cases at Darul Aman Swat respectively during last one year.
Swara is a child marriage custom in Pakhtoons society where young girls are forcibly married to a member of a rival clan/group in order to resolve their feuds/dispute.
According to a report, maximum 20 Swara cases of girls and 80 sexual and domestic violence, divorce and child marriages were reported at Darul Aman Swat. As many as 182 cases of girls became victims of domestic violence, sexual harassment and runaway from houses was registered at Darul Aman Mardan.
A total of 141 incidents of sexual violence and girls escaped from houses were registered at Darul Aman Abbottabad whereas at Women Crisis Centre Peshawar, maximum 105 cases of domestic violence, sexual harassment, divorce, Swara and children marriages were reported that needs attention of the authorities concerned.
A total of 173 cases of domestic violence, 47 sexual violence, 28 divorces, 222 runaway from homes, 23 Swara, 11 child marriages and four widows cases have been registered/provided shelters at different Darul Amans in Khyber Pakthunkhwa during 2015, which was a matter of great concern for the PTI Government.
At Darul Aman Mardan, 40 cases of girls sexual harassment, 72 domestic violence and 70 escaped girls/women were provided shelter whereas 140 runaway girls and women besides one sexually harassed woman were given shelter at Darul Aman Abbottabad respectively.
As many as 82 women cases of domestic violence, four sexually harassment, seven divorce, three Swara, five children marriages and six widows have taken shelter at Women Crisis Centre, Peshawar.—APP

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