Case registered against Karachi company for chopping 70 trees

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Karachi—A First-Information Report (FIR) was filed by the Sindh government after 70 trees lining a greenbelt along Shaheed-i-Millat road were cut down on April 3 allegedly by a construction company, Superintendent Police Jamshed Masood Bangash con-firmed on Sunday.
The incident comes as Karachi braces for another searing summer a year after a scorching heat wave claimed the lives of over 1,300 people in Sindh, with most of the deaths taking place in the metropolis.
KMC Deputy Director Nadeem Ahmad registered FIR 120/2016 on April 8 against a manager of the Gohar Group of Companies and others accused under sections 379, 427 and 34 of the Paki-stan Penal Code read with offences under the Sindh Local Government Act 2013 in the Ferozabad police station.
Karachi Commissioner Asif Hyder Shah while speaking to the media regarding the incident said that the administration is already running a campaign against environ-mental degradation and the act of cutting down grown trees is a blow to the environment.
He denied the involvement of any KMC official in the activity.
Earlier in February, Kara-chi witnessed its hottest day of the month in over two decades as the mercury topped 36.5 degrees Celsius.
As the meteorological fallout from El Nino continues to affect the region, experts have warned that the coming summer could bring even more freak weather phenomenon, such as extreme heat waves.
Today, many urban planners and environmentalists says high temperatures can be managed by including a greater amount of open and green space in cities, providing shady spots (in the form of indigenous trees) and water fountains, and going back to vernacular architecture — ventilators, high ceilings and so on.

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