Cartoons…now and then

Ramsha Khan

Being a mid 90’s kid, I grew up watching enthralling cartoons like Jimmy neutron, Dexter’s Laboratory, Bob the builder, Franklin the turtle, Dragon tales, loony tones, the Road Runner and many more. They taught me harmony among friends, to be devoted to my cause, tackling hurdles, innocence and simplicity and fun and amusement without any harm to anyone. These cartoons too had violent scenes but not blood spluttering or chopping or destruction; their violence too was comedic. They were simple delightful cartoons which were created especially by keeping in regard children’s innocent minds, but unfortunately what children are watching nowadays is simply condemn able. Cartoons today are based totally on supernatural powers, combating heroes for more dominancy, bets among friends to win competition. Even with a good message, these cartoons portray a dangerous and armed protagonist which creates a sense of aggression and violence among children and ultimately these cartoons gains too much popularity as especially boys love to watch action and are hardwired to imbibe the same. As it is said that “children are like wet cement whatever falls on them makes an impression” we must keep in mind that cartoons have the potential to develop or to destroy one’s ideas or morals. So to ensure a better, innocent and useful life of our children, we must show them quality cartoons with good morals.
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