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Balochistan has been under the eyes of evils and devils for the last couple of years. Tragedies are commonly taking place in almost every corner of the province leaving the residents shocked about how these all happen. The recent gas cylinder blast in a snack’s shop in Turbat city of Balochistan is yet another disheartening incident ever taken place in Balochistan for many school-going children were its victim. are affected by the dangerous fire flying in air and grabbing the individuals around.
However, this is not the only tragedy which has occurred in Balochistan, some time earlier a gas cylinder blasted in a village approximately 40 km away from Turbat city. The blast, among others, claimed life of ten women. The happy-wedding-family turned into a sad-mourning-family.
Besides the gas cylinder blasts on many other occasions, we have witnessed the blasts of oil tankers and cars becoming the ultimate reason of multiple deaths, for most of the petrol outlets are located alongside the main and busy roads. Would the authorities be able to take some benevolent steps for the redressal of such issues?
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