Carey grabs six wickets in six balls

Bipin Dani

Observer Correspondent


Aled Carey, an Australian cricketer, who grabbed six wickets in six balls in a Club match is “amazed” with his own performance. “I was shocked and overwhelmed. I still can not believe it. I’m very happy”, speaking exclusively over his mobile, Carey said.
“My dad was present at the time and saw the whole thing. He was very happy and proud for me”.
Playing for the Golden Point fourths, the 30-year-old Carey was unsuccessful with his first eight overs but his luck changed dramatically thereafter.
His initial hat-trick was a catch in slips, a catch by the wicket-keeper and then an LBW, before three victims being bowled. .
When asked- what he believes is more difficult- hitting six sixes in an over or grabbing six wickets in six balls, Carey says, “well I would probably say they are equal because they are very hard things to do, you don’t see either done very often but yes, taking six wickets in six balls is rather uncommon”.
Carey started playing at the age of nine and has represented proudly for 14 years senior cricket for Golden point cricket club .And in his 14 years at Golden point cricket club has been lucky enough to have played in 2 premierships. Earlier, his club secretary, John Ogilvey, speaking exclusively said, “I haven’t found anyone yet (local or any of the reporters I’ve talked to) who knows of this ever happening before so this may well be a unique occurrence”.
“There have been instances of 6 6 s in an over. Maybe that’s a challenge; If anyone can show evidence of any other occurrence of 6 wickets in a row – let alone in the one perfect over”, Ogilvey signed off.

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