Careem’s service

I would like to draw attention on an extremely disappointing behaviour of one of Careem’s Captains. Last night only I was at Dolmen Mall Clifton where I ordered a Careem Go. The driver called me and started misbehaving while saying “Aap Ki Wajah Se Meri Gaari Lag Gayi” (My car got into an accident because of you). Then he asked me where I am, on which I told him inside. He had the audacity to say “Tou Andar Kia Kar Rahey Hai Aap, Baahir Aye Na!” (What are you doing inside, come out!) in a very rude tone. Seriously? Now a Careem driver is going to give me orders?
Need not to remind Careem that I pay for every extra minute the driver waits. I don’t need shit from Careem drivers, especially when they are not capable of driving their cars without hitting them, and then blaming customers for their fault. Therefore, I cancelled the ride knowing that Rs 120 would be deducted. Quite frankly, I am quite disappointed and I don’t want my money back, since that is Careem’s way of making things up. I want Careem to give proper training to their drivers and hire the right people since a lot of families and girls are also using this service.
Clifton, Karachi

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