Careem’s April fool prank

Recently, I came across profiles “Careem” as their last names on Facebook. Ridiculously, people are being fooled by offering credit of Rs 10,000 under the auspices of a scheme launched on April 1st. Most people, being enticed towards the crooked scheme, have changed their unique last names. Apparently, it is an innovative marketing technique for the tech giant but for people, it is money that matters.
Also, the name that is changed cannot be removed for 60 days which, most people are yet not aware of. As far as credit is concerned, because initiated on 1st April, is not certain to be paid and interest of people can get hurt. Careem can be sued for defrauding marketing campaigns subject to availability of functioning consumer courts, which is a dilemma in Pakistan.
Ride-hailing giants are being sued for their malicious schemes in different countries around the globe. Pakistan, which has initiated cyber security measures, should protect the interests of its citizens by penalizing the culprits.

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