Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging


THANKS to Allah Almighty, that IDC and its radiology team have successfully completed more than 80 cases of cardiac MRI in a very short time period. MRI is a noninvasive imaging technique that came into clinical use in early 1980s and is now widely used in the west for assessment of the heart which is the most vital organ of the body. MRI has revolutionized medical imaging for many organ systems. However, due to the motion of the heart, the development of cardiac MRI has been slow as compared to MRI for other organs due to the requirement for faster acquisition techniques. With advancements in technology, these obstacles have been overcome and cardiac MRI has become a validated tool for imaging the heart.
Unfortunately, it took 37 years to bring this technology in this region and launching it successfully. After working with IDC for more than two years, the shared vision of raising a bar of imaging to its highest level in this region became possible due to support and leadership of our CEO Dr. Rizwan Uppal. He consolidated this vision by launching one of the finest MRI machines in the imaging industry, the 1.5 Tesla Signa Explorer by GE equipped with Cardiac Elite package and Cardiac VX, which is capable of producing high resolution cardiac images comparable to any center in the world.
Team of IDC imaging department in collaboration with international training experts of GE and U.S based cardiologist Dr. Sulaiman Rathore. MD, deserve due admiration for their efforts in making it possible. I would like to thank consultant cardiologist Dr Ather Mehmood from IDC and South East hospital for his great contribution and continuous support.
I would also like to acknowledge the support and trust of some of the prestigious cardiac institutes of Pakistan including Armed Force Institute of Cardiology (AFIC), Rawalpindi Institute of Cardiology (RIC), Kulsoom Hospital and KRL hospital in trusting the name of IDC for its cardiac imaging.

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