Car theft incidents on rise in federal capital

Islamabad—A car was stolen late Wednesday night from I-8/1 Sector, which is a stone’s throw of I-9 Police Station, raising some serious questions over the performance of police as well as security cameras put in place recently all over the city.
Muhammad Aftab told police he parked his black Toyota Corolla 1994 (LED-13-3269) shortly after midnight, but he found it missing when he woke up for prayer at 4:00 am. He called RESCUE-15 that quickly sent its nearest patrol. In the meantime a police mobile from I-9 Police also reached the scene.
Police distributed the information to all its different departments including the one that manages security cameras, which called the victim and told his car had been spotted in the city before being stolen. But, the department went tight-lipped when asked if the security cameras had seen the vehicle after being stolen.
After installation of security cameras in the city it is next to impossible for any vehicle to roam around ‘uncaptured.’ With security check-points all over the city it is equally impossible for any vehicle to go through them unnoticed.
One wonders if there is any lapse in security or the car- lifters have grown so sophisticated that they can still strike anywhere they want.
“I was really impressed by the way police reacted. I got so many calls from police officials, assuring me they are pursing my case, besides extending sympathies. I hope to have my car back,” Aftab said.
This is not the first time a car has been stolen from I-8. Residents told this scribe there have been many such incidents in the past. It still remains a mystery why and how do the thieves manage to sneak out of the city’s fortified neighbourhoods, which are enveloped in security cover all around.
An FIR has been registered with I-9 Police Station, and investigation is underway.—APP

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