Capital’s poor environment

Waste generation rate in the Capital is increasing and is directly contributing to the rise of pollution which is creating health and aesthetic problems for the residents. The factories and Industrial complexes located in the sectors I-9 and I-10 are the biggest sources of pollution .They severely damage the environment as well as the living standard of not only people residing in these areas but also those living in far off areas of the city in the long run. Factories also create noise pollution. Heavy duty vibrating machines used in these factories are a challenge to Islamabad’s serenity. They are constantly contributing to behavioral changes and psychological disturbances. Similarly these factories produce bundles of solid waste which is toxic as well and damages not only the land but also due to non-systematic dumping of the solid waste and liquid waste in the region; the underground water quality is also questionable.
In the recent past there is a noticeable rise in the usage of vehicles for mass transport and for luggage transport. This rise is mainly due to improvement in living standard and a dramatic increase in population. I personally noticed that almost every house in Islamabad has a vehicle and majority of them has more than one. We can easily estimate the levels of noise pollution generated and its impact on the residents living along the main highways of Islamabad. The burning of fuels producing gases which are very hazardous for the environment. Gases like Lead Oxide and Sulfur-dioxide have been accumulated in large magnitude which is constantly rising.
Hospital Waste is considered the most toxic solid waste. This solid waste must not be disposed untreated but laws are continuously being violated. Moreover, radioactive matter, such as glassware contaminated with radioactive diagnostic material or radio-therapeutic materials and wastes with high heavy metal contents, such as broken mercury thermometers, are put on the garbage heaps which is alarming.
I personally visited the industrial sectors of Islamabad and saw that they were beaten by the curse of pollution. The law, policy and act being passed by the legislature must be met with the seriousness and firm implementation. The violation of these concerned laws must result in fines and punishments. Media must play its role in promoting awareness campaigns to protect the environment of the second most beautiful capital of the world. In a nutshell, to meet success we need to take a step, so just a step towards success is needed, as rightly said that where there is a will there is a way. If we are willing to clean our environment, at least we must not be the ones responsible for destroying it at the same time. Right measures taken by the residents and administration and the right time can bail us out this serious trouble.

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