Capital’s messy traffic diversions

COMMUTERS in the two cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi witnessed worst kind of travelling experience on Wednesday and Thursday when they were forced to move from one road to the other just to find out that all of them were closed and the few one that were open to traffic presented messy situation because of traffic jams and congestion. Arrangements for traffic diversions were made in view of protests by a religious party and also because of Chehlum processions of a sect.
The rally was not so big to cause any worthwhile threat to the normal life but the arrangements made by the district administrations of Islamabad and Rawalpindi as well as the traffic police of the Capital were pathetic. We have seen in the past as well that road blockades become irrelevant for determined protestors and these are erected just to add to the woes and worries of the citizens especially government and private sector employees and students who have to make it to their work place or educational institutions at all costs. It was an insane approach to divert all traffic of the two cities to Rawal Dam, Park Road, Lehtrar Road as these sections are not wide enough to sustain such a huge rush of traffic. Work of Khanna Bridge and a number of inter-sections where traffic from other directions join these roads made the situation all the more painful for travellers. It was also beyond comprehension as to why all entrances to Red Zones were blocked even for bikers and pedestrians when protestors were sitting at Faizabad Bridge. It was also observed that officials of traffic police of the two cities were nowhere to be seen at messy points despite the fact that their burden was much less due to closure of all other roads and crossings. There should be permanent solution to miseries of people of the two cities as they frequently become hostage to protests and processions.

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