Capital witnesses significant growth of Chinese restaurants


The number of Chinese restaurants is growing significantly in federal capital and post CPEC scenario has also forced local eateries to offer Chinese dishes after an influx of Chinese nationals here.
The Capital Development Authority’s data revealed that there are around 15 Chinese restaurants in total in the city while 12 among them have been opened after 2013. Talking to APP, a Chinese Restaurant’s Manager said Mei Kong was the first restaurant introduced back in 1970s and second facility known as China Town was establish after ten years in the federal capital.
The restaurants’ growth, he said, is not only associated with the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) but a large number of Chinese traders and tourists are potential customers who do not have direct link with the project.
He however said after CPEC’s launching the inflow of the Chinese nationals has increased manifold which has helped grow hotels and restaurants industry. He said earlier Chinese workforce was confined to mining and energy projects areas such as Saindak energy plants etc. adding, “You can see they are in large number now in major cities like Islamabad , Karachi and Lahore.” Another Chinese Restaurant Kim Mun’s Manager Andrew said his restaurant receives a large number of locals and foreign customers which means our food lovers are not only confined to Chinese nationals.
An owner of a Pakistani hotel, said Chinese customers visit to his restaurant for Pakistani cuisine and enjoy local dishes especially Biryani which is among their favourite.
In addition to Chinese increased number of restaurants some small setups at homes are also offering Sino foods to their potential customers. A Chinese running his own small setup in a rented apartment said that “Pakistan’s spicy food for a long time does not suit us we have to get back to our traditional food for which we are accustomed”. The Chinese nationals working in big business outlets like ZTE and Huawei were his potential clients and they were enjoying their local taste at affordable rates.
Another Chinese restaurant Jade’s Operational Manager negating the impression that the only Chinese were potential clients of these restaurants said majority of their customers were Pakistanis and foreign nationals. “Chinese eateries for being hygienic and abdominal friendly are now popular across the glob” he remarked. “We are no more restricted to our traditional dishes and besides Asian, fast foods like Pizza and Burger are also being offered here in Chinese eating houses which was not expected in the near past”, he informed. He however admitted that the Chinese dishes are a bit expensive in comparison with locals that is why these facilities are established in the well paying areas. “A good Chinese restaurant costs over Rs30 million to establish while some Rs15 million money is extra required to run the future affairs” he said.
The official data reveals that 43 projects that directly fall under the CPEC banner have seen a tripling of the number of Chinese nationals in Pakistan to more than 30,000.—APP

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