Capital streets in bad shape

Zubaria Rehman

I am a resident of Ghori Town Islamabad and I intend to highlight the abysmal condition of our streets, particularly after the recent monsoons when these streets turned into a nuisance for the residents. They have started to retain water and there are potholes everywhere. The street lights are broken and going through the streets of the Town at night has become nothing less than a hazard.
People are getting injured due to the potholes and there have been a few accidents too, after every rainfall, the streets give the view of a stream with water upto knees and this has created many health hazards too. The potholes are a breeding ground for mosquitoes and germs. Will the Capital administration, particularly the honourable Mayor of Islamabad would rescue the residents of the Ghori Town and relieve them these corruption created worries of the residents?

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