Capital in grip of water crisis

Federal Capital is in grip of water shortage due to the low level of water in Simly and Khanpur dams, the civic body has requested residents of the city to remain calculated in use of water during the summer. Director Water Supply, Nasir Jamil But said that civic body is drawing 50% water from Simly dam as the water level in dam is 2259 from main sea level which is very low in the month of April.
He said the maximum level for water in Simly dam is 2315 and minimum is 2233 adding that when the level decrease from 2275 the Directorate draws only 50% from the reservoir by fallowing the Reservoir Operation Rules. He said the supply of 50% water will continue till 25 June and he hoped that after spell of monsoon the water position will improve. Nasir But said, there are 193 tube wells in the city in which only 60 tube wells are operational adding that 20 water tankers are also operational out of 33.
Meanwhile as mercury is rising, water has become a rare commodity in different localities of the federal capital , making lives of the citizens miserable. Residents of the capital have accused the authorities concerned of being indifferent to their problems and have paid no heed to their repeated requests.—APP

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