Capital in grip of shivering fear

THOUGH uncertainty prevails throughout the country for understandable reasons but the Federal Capital and its twin city Rawalpindi are in the grip of shivering fear for the last 48 hours in the backdrop of high security alert by the authorities concerned. There are reports that some educational institutions, a five star hotel and a shrine could be targeted by terrorists.
These are not imaginary fears as terrorists have been hitting schools, colleges and universities besides places of worship and crowded bazaars and entertainment facilities. Therefore, Interior Minister Ch. Nisar Ali Khan, who is widely known to be a practical man, has rightly ordered comprehensive security arrangements for safety of people and key installations and institutions. The threat that Pakistan is facing these days is, of course, the consequence of Pakistan’s world acclaimed operation against terrorists. The Armed forces, security agencies and people of Pakistan have suffered immensely during this unconventional war both in terms of men and material. The operation has, no doubt, achieved remarkable successes as Pakistan Army has almost completed its job in FATA where terrorists’ safe havens have been eliminated. However, the problem of terrorism is not confined to a few places as sleeper cells of terrorists are reportedly present in different parts of the country. They would, therefore, continue to present formidable challenge in years to come and as warned by US President Obama in his latest state of the union address, Pakistan is likely to face turbulence during the next few decades. Therefore, we will have to brace up for the challenge on long term basis and this requires united and concerted efforts by each and every segment of the society. Of course, our Armed forces and law enforcing agencies have the capacity to thwart designs of the enemy but in view of gravity of the situation, greater vigilance and alertness is required on the part of every citizen for the purpose.

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