Capital becomes hostage again

NOWHERE in the world are national capitals choked so frequently as people in Islamabad are witnessing and suffering due to negative politics and activities. Every now and then some interest groups or parties organise protest meetings and rallies to advance their agendas and block main arteries of the capital, disrupting traffic and disturbing normal life.
Islamabad once known for calm and serene surroundings has witnessed steep degradation in environment due to uncontrolled human activity. With the passage of time vested interests are targeting the Capital with the objective of forcing the government to accept most of their unconstitutional and illegal demands. Apart from political and religious parties, some sections of the society also bring out processions routinely on main roads, streets and disturb traffic and normal life. It is tragic that despite clear orders by the highest judiciary that protest and demonstrations must be confined to specific places i.e. Parade Ground near Shakarparian and F-9 Park, no party or pressure group cares and all of them insist on staging sit-ins at D-Chowk and the objective is quite obvious – to paralyse the life in Federal Capital and send a message of chaos to people of Pakistan and the outside world. Protests are legitimate means only if they are within the domains of the law and Constitution but these are commonly used to violate rights of other people. It seems that we are living in a country where might is right has become order of the day. No one listens to the local administration, police, judiciary and even government even if it meant extensive damage to the economy, disruption of governance and delay in execution of development projects like Rawalpindi-Islamabad Metro Bus and now overhead bridges and expansion of Islamabad Expressway. The culture can end if every segment of the society opposes such disruptions and does not extend any support in any manner on whatever considerations.

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