Cantonment Hospital

I want to plea the govt of Punjab and the concerned authorities to set right the healthcare system of Cantonment Hospital Sadder Rawalpindi because when I visited the hospital for a treatment of 14 stitches on my small finger, I observed there was not any up to mark system of healthcare and sterilization. The behaviour of the emergency staff was also questionable and empty from ethics after my request for using clean and sterilized seizers and other skin clipping tools during this treatment. Instead of acceding to my request, they showed unawareness like they didn’t know that such kind of dirty and infectious environment may lead to fatal repercussions such as life threatening diseases like HIV Aids, HCV and Hepatitis A,B,C and costly treatment thereupon. Treatment of such diseases is really questionable in the developing countries like Pakistan. So we can prevent the health of our nation through the awareness and correcting the management of our hospitals.

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