Cannot even think about hurting PML-N: Nisar


Slams false stories being circulated

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Former interior minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan Friday said that he was not angry and had only differed from former prime minister Nawaz Sharif.
Speaking at a press conference here, the former interior minister said, “I am not speaking of Nawaz-league, I am speaking of Nawaz Sharif.”
“I am also not talking about Nawaz Sharif’s daughter,” he clarified.
“Someone says I am angry, but I am not. I have differed from [Nawaz],” he said, adding that he was affiliated with the PML-N workers and leaders.
“Had I revolted then I would have been more vocal,” the former interior minister said. “I may be wrong but I differed for the betterment of Nawaz Sharif.”
Chaudhry Nisar lamented false stories being attributed to him and being run for the past few days.
Nisar denied comments attributed to him relating to former premier Nawaz Sharif. He said that he had issued a rebuttal of the fake news.
“The comments that ‘Mian sahib won’t be able to show his face’ and that ‘there are 10 flaws in the PTI and a hundred in the PML-N’ were attributed to me,” he noted a few statements being attributed to him.
“Such words were attributed to me, which I could never have imagined of.” The former interior minister admitted that he had definitely said that he intended to explain his differences with the former premier [at a public meeting] in Chakri.
He said that several programmes were held and articles were written on an entirely fake news attributed to him 10 days ago.
“I had said that I would not speak [about my differences] because of Begum Kulsoom’s condition,” the disgruntled PML-N leader said, urging people to do confirm if there’s any report pertaining to him.
He also said that he was not in contact with any political party with regard to seat-adjustment, adding, “I am only looking towards Almighty Allah and the people.
“I’m a human being, mistakes are made…but my intention is true,” Nisar said. “I have 34 years of association with Nawaz Sharif and I gave him whatever suggestion was necessary.”
He said that it was this time that his affiliation with Nawaz was affected and he would explain that later. “Being really honest requires a person to speak to his leader keeping ground realities in view.”
He cannot even think about hurting the party he joined three decades ago. “Some say I am angry … I can’t even think about hurting PML-N, I have a relation of respect with them, how can I hurt them? When Nawaz Sharif declared Mujeebur Rehman patriot I said nothing … I gave statement that cases regarding Mumbai attacks could not proceed due to India’s negligence,” he said.
The former minister also dismissed reports of seat adjustment with his friend Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf in the next month’s general elections.
“I was watching TV and came across some fake news that I have done seat adjustment. I am blessed for being the only politician to be elected in National assembly eight times consecutively. I always said this to Nawaz Sharif that loyalty is not to agree with everything your leader says but it is to put ground realities in front of him,” he said.
“I will hold a detailed press conference soon but not until Begum Kulsoom Nawaz gets well. I don’t want to accuse anyone, I will only reveal facts,” Nisar added.
The disgruntled former PML-N leader further said that his inaugural address in Chakri as an independant candidate was treated similarly in that the contents of his speech were taken out of context “and all sorts of things were said”.
“That speech is on record because the media was present that day,” he said, adding that “before you [the media] paint my statements in all sorts of shady hues and misrepresent them with ludicrous angles, at least listen to the recording first to see what I said”.
However, Nisar dismissed all controversies saying that they were political statements, not personal ones.
“Many ‘respected’ channels said that I had claimed I would not say anything, but then contrary to my claim I had issued statements nonetheless,” he said.
Chaudhry Nisar declared that he will be contesting from four different constituencies, promising that he will soon explain the reasons behind running a solo campaign along with the nature of differences between him and Nawaz.
“This is not my style … It isn’t how I do politics even when I’m dealing with political opponents,” he maintained.
“It is your right to obtain information and to publish it, your duty, and I respect that. I absorb the fiercest of remarks issued against me. But these aren’t normal times,” he said appealing to the media outlets to thoroughly vet and verify statements attributed to him.
He further complained that in the unfortunate race to break news, it takes only one channel to run something defamatory against someone and then it gets snapped up by all others.

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