Campaigners call for education on sexual abuse

Beijing —Sun Xuemei had no time to celebrate Women’s Day on as she spent it fielding interviews about a campaign to protect a particularly vulnerable group of women.
Sun, a 32-year-old journalist, is one of the volunteers behind Protecting Young Girls, which aims to get schools to teach children about sexual abuse. While recent years have seen numerous cases of sexual abuse against children, lessons on how to avoid it are absent from the national curriculum. Sun wants to change this.
She know what it’s like to be ignorant about sex. When Sun was nine years old, she witnessed one of her neighbors being sexually harassed.
“I did not realize the bizarre act was an attempted rape until years later,” she recalled.
Sun helped launch Protecting Young Girls in 2013. She and around 100 other female journalists began training teachers, giving free lessons to children and distributing brochures on sexual harassment—AFP

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